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Italy Roundtable: Zen and the Art of Making Gnocchi

I stretch it just a bit to fit into the “roots” theme for this 10th edition of the monthly Italy Blogging Roundtable with bloggers Jessica Spiegel, Melanie Renzulli, Alexandra Korey, Gloria from At Home in Tuscany, and me.

Wine in Umbria: A Guide

A quick yet comprehensive guide to the principal wines produced in Umbria plus some suggested wineries for tastings.

Soul/Food: Hosteria 4 Piedi & 8,5 Pollici

More than a restaurant, a place to feed both body and soul.

Fine Wine: Three Fun Cantine to Visit in Umbria

Looking for some fun with your chuck? Here are three fabulous cantine in Umbria who put the whee! in wine.

Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover: Gastronomia Andreani

Enter this tiny, unassuming storefront and fall like Alice into a food wonderland.

Selling My Soul to the Devil: Osteria di Pinocchio

The score: Leave your smug hipster attitude at the door. Right next to the table with the complimentary funny hats.

Rebecca as Guest rather than Hostess: Podcasting about Italy

She blogs. She tweets. She hosts. But can she speak? Yep, and you can hear an interview about alternative diets (primarily vegetarian and gluten-free) in Italy on this week’s Eye on Italy podcast!

Spring in Umbria: What to Wear, What to Do, What to Eat

If in the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love, in the dog days of icy February he is most likely thinking about his next vacation. Preferibly to warmer climes. If the drifting snow and slate-colored skies have got you dreaming of your next trip to central Italy, here’s a quick overview of what you can expect in springtime in Umbria.

The Vegetarian’s Dilemma: Umbria and Pork

Urban vegetarian moves to Umbrian farm. Worlds collide. Chaos ensues. Peace is made.

Rebecca as Guest rather than Hostess: Seasonal Food in Umbria

If there is one thing Umbrians do well, it’s eat locally and seasonally. Here is a brief look at what you can expect to find on your plate during each of the four seasons in Umbria.

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