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Surprising People, Surprising Places: The Menotre Valley, Part One

In which a complete stranger comes forward to introduce me to a completely new corner of Umbria, and some of its treasures.

Man and Nature: the Ex-Railway Spoleto-Norcia Hike

One of the most spectacular and poignant hikes in Umbria is along the now-defunct Spoleto-Norcia railway line.

Italy Roundtable: The Colfiorito Marshlands

We climb every mountain (or hill) in this month’s edition of the monthly Italy Blogging Roundtable with bloggers Jessica Spiegel, Melanie Renzulli (back from temporary leave!), Alexandra Korey, Gloria from At Home in Tuscany, and me.

Walking and Hiking in Umbria: The “Costa’s” Fountains

This is a lovely ring walk along an itinerary full of fountains and springs, unusual for a limestone mountain like Subasio.

Rebecca as Guest rather than Hostess: Five Fabulous Hikes in Umbria

If you are an avid walker and keen on exploring the rolling Umbrian countryside on foot, take a look at my guest post on Bootsnall for five of the area’s most breathtaking trails.

Rebecca as Guest rather than Hostess: A “Velvet Escape” Hike in Umbria

What a pleasure to be able to share this stunning hike through one of the most spectacular areas in Umbria as my Velvet Escape Travel Tip this month.

Walking and Hiking in Umbria: The Marchetto Canyon

An easy walking tour which reveals an area of great geological and scenic interest: The Marchetto Canyon.

Walking and Hiking in Umbria: Seavalley Up in the Mountains

The excursion which we propose here unfolds along peaceful dirt roads and small country roads accessible to all and offers out of the ordinary views of the woody eastern slope of Mount Subasio.

Walking and Hiking in Umbria: The Franciscan Trail

The following route Assisi-Nocera runs in the opposite direction to Saint Francis’ last journey (September 1226) where, seriously ill, he was brought back to Assisi by a group of horsemen. Every year duing the first weekend in September the historic “Cavalcata di Satriano” is reenacted.

Walking and Hiking in Umbria: A Walk Around Assisi’s Eight Gates

This walk follows the medieval walls and historic city gates of Assisi, with interesting and unusual views over the surrounding countryside.

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