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Bottega Michelangeli: Making Magic from Wood in Orvieto

The streets and shops of Orvieto are sprinkled with quirky and whimsical wooden sculptures. There’s a story there…

Umbria’s Artisan Crafts: What to Buy and Where

Purchasing traditional handcrafted wares in Umbria is killing two birds with one stone: doing good (by supporting the local economy) and doing well (by taking home an excellent quality memento that truly captures the essence of this region). Here are four of Umbria’s most iconic products, and some suggestions as to where to find them.

Il Mercato delle Gaite: There’s nothing Ye Olde about it!

I have to fess up and admit that it took me years to finally work up the courage to check out what turned out to be one of my favorite festivals in Umbria.

Italy Roundtable: Crafts in Umbria

We get crafty in this 8th sitting of the monthly Italy Blogging Roundtable chat, with travel bloggers Jessica Spiegel, Melanie Renzulli, Alexandra Korey, Gloria from At Home in Tuscany, and me.

Heart of Glass: Studio Moretti Caselli

Don’t miss the opportunity to see one of the most fascinating historical artisan workshops in Umbria, which has produced hand painted glass windows and panels, hand etched glass, and Tiffany glass for five generations.

The Fabric of Time: Traditional Umbrian Textiles

The demand for traditional Umbrian cloth has declined in step with the decline of the traditional “corredo”, which is both a shame and what makes Brozzetti Laboratorio di Tesseratura a Mano (or weaving workshop) in Perugia so unique and so worth a visit.

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