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Italy Roundtable: Partytime at Assisi’s Calendimaggio

In a town in which only about 1,000 people currently live in the historic center, almost 2,000 routinely participate in some way in the annual Calendimaggio festival, which brings the town together in both solidarity and rivalry like no other event.

Italy Roundtable: Finocchi Rifatti al Pomodoro

For our March Italy Blogging Roundtable, we threw a party! We were joined by fellow blogger roundtable COSI and talked about “authenticity”.

Italy Roundtable: Lost at the Table

At this month’s Italy Blogging Roundtable, we all get a little lost…lost in translation, that is…along with our new roundtable member: Michelle Fabio from Bleeding Espresso!

Italy Roundtable: The Hardest Thing

We tried. We did. We tried to quit, but we just couldn’t do it. We missed our monthly Italy Blogging Roundtable date too much, so I’m back with Kate Bailward, Jessica Spiegel, Melanie Renzulli, Alexandra Korey, Gloria and to tackle this month’s theme: cha-cha-cha-changes.

Italy Roundtable: Panzanella

We turn up the heat for this month’s Italy Blogging Roundtable and talk about August in Italy.

Italy Roundtable: Talking the Talk

Anything goes in this month’s “Grab Bag” edition of the Italy Blogging Roundtable. Drop by for a surprising caboodle of posts….

Italy Roundtable: In Memoriam

In perhaps the stickiest of the Italy Blogging Roundtable topics, the month we talk about “Women in Italy”…in which I remember one of the most important women in my life.

Italy Roundtable: Spring in My Step

In this month’s edition of the Italy Blogging Roundtable, the theme is “Spring”…so how about we spring a surprise on you with a new participant! Read on….

Italy Roundtable: The Colfiorito Marshlands

We climb every mountain (or hill) in this month’s edition of the monthly Italy Blogging Roundtable with bloggers Jessica Spiegel, Melanie Renzulli (back from temporary leave!), Alexandra Korey, Gloria from At Home in Tuscany, and me.

Italy Roundtable: A Drink for All Seasons

Need a quick but showy holiday gift? Here’s an idea for this “Drinking” edition of the monthly Italy Blogging Roundtable with bloggers Jessica Spiegel, Melanie Renzulli (on temporary leave), Alexandra Korey, and Gloria from At Home in Tuscany. Bottoms up!

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