Brigolante, Assisi, Italy

Sights and Activities in and near Assisi, Italy

Explore Umbria's gorgeous Medieval hilltowns, visit the area's wineries and olive oil mills, slow to the pace of this serene and mystical region which has given the world so many saints.

Here are some suggestions for things to see and do in Umbria!

Umbria's Hilltowns

Brigolante's apartments in and near Assisi are perfectly located right in the center of Umbria, so an easy drive to all the most picturesque hilltowns in the region. If you are staying for awhile, you can even use Assisi as your base to explore Tuscany and Le Marche, both about an hour drive away.

Brigolante, Assisi, Italy


Assisi is, of course, our favorite Umbrian town. A charming jewel of pink stone and soaring churches, Assisi is the quintessential historic hill town. Explore the breathtaking basilica, lose yourself in the quiet backstreets, take time out to sit in silence in one of the monasteries or hermitages.

Brigolante, Assisi, Italy

Umbria and Beyond

Though we hold Assisi especially dear, Umbria has a number of hilltop towns and villages which are a delight to explore. Don't miss Perugia, Orvieto, Spoleto, and Gubbio in Umbria (not to mention Montefalco, Bevagna, Spello...the list goes on and on!).

Brigolante, Assisi, Italy

Sagre (Food Festivals)

Almost every town in Umbria has its own historic festival, complete with Medieval costumes, games, markets, and, of course, food! Some must-see favorites are the lively Calendimaggio in Assisi, La Corsa dei Ceri in Gubbio, Il Mercato delle Gaite in Bevagna and La Giostra della Quintana in Foligno.

Natural Beauty

Both Brigolante's town and country apartments are located in the Mount Subasio Regional Park, and are close to numerous places of breathtaking natural beauty.

It's easy to organize walks, hikes, and other outdoor activities from either the countryside and the center of Assisi.

Brigolante, Assisi, Italy

Nature and the Outdoors

Umbria is home to a number of natural parks which offer lovely areas to walk and picnic or just to take a relaxing scenic drive. We especially love to visit the area around Lake Trasimeno, the Mount Cucco Regional Park and the marvelous Sibilline Mountains National Park just over the border into Le Marche.

Brigolante, Assisi, Italy

Sports and Adventure

Here in the Mount Subasio Park there are biking, hiking, and walking trails which tempt you to wander off and explore...just ask me for maps and information. For swimming, head to either Lake Trasimeno or Lake Fiastra in the Sibilline Park. There is also paragliding and horseback-riding right here on Mount Subasio.

Food and Wine

There is a wonderful traditional local cuisine in Umbria, and there are various ways you discover and enjoy it. The restaurants in this area are all authentic and family-run, and you can find cooking classes to try your hand at making traditional dishes or join a wine tour stopping at some of the best wineries in the area.

For a true Umbrian dining experience, try one of the sagras (local food festivals) which go on from spring through fall in every town in Umbria.

Brigolante, Assisi, Italy

Family and Kids

Brigolante's self-catering apartments are perfect for traveling families. We have lots of suggestions for activities that can interest the whole family.

Are your kids "churched out"? Some suggestions for a "church-less" day...the Activo Park and the Frasassi Cave are two big hits, as is the ferry to the islands on Lake Trasimeno and the Rocca castle in Assisi. And don't forget the raucous local gastronomic and historic festivals!

Brigolante, Assisi, Italy
Brigolante, Assisi, Italy
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