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Easter Events and Food in Umbria

If you’ll be visiting Umbria over Easter this year, here’s all you need to know about the events, food, traditions, and customs surrounding Easter week!

Beach Day Trips from Umbria to Le Marche

Want to daytrip from landlocked Umbria to the nearest coast? Head over the Appennine mountains to the east, where the Adriatic coast has a number of great seaside resort towns. Here are a few of my suggestions:

Shopping in Assisi and Perugia

Not sure where to drop coin on your next visit to Assisi and Perugia? Here are some of my favorite shops, boutiques, and artisan workshops to find something unique and memorable to remind you of Umbria!

Rebecca as Guest rather than Hostess: The Spoken Word

Anyone who has met me knows that I am, um, gregarious. Talkative. A chitchatter. And just to prove it, here are two podcast interviews where the poor hosts could hardly get a word in edgewise.

Rebecca as Guest rather than Hostess: Five Ways to Explore Umbria alla Cheapo

I show my inner skinflint this week on Eurocheapo with five tips for cheap thrills in Umbria.

Rebecca as Guest rather than Hostess: Five Fabulous Festivals in Umbria

I know, I know. It’s all about fives in travel writing. What can I say? Here’s another pentalogy of favorites from Europe Up Close…this time fabulous festivals!

Rebecca as Guest rather than Hostess: Podcasting about Italy

She blogs. She tweets. She hosts. But can she speak? Yep, and you can hear an interview about alternative diets (primarily vegetarian and gluten-free) in Italy on this week’s Eye on Italy podcast!

Rebecca as Guest rather than Hostess: Five Fabulous Hikes in Umbria

If you are an avid walker and keen on exploring the rolling Umbrian countryside on foot, take a look at my guest post on Bootsnall for five of the area’s most breathtaking trails.

Rebecca as Guest rather than Hostess: A “Velvet Escape” Hike in Umbria

What a pleasure to be able to share this stunning hike through one of the most spectacular areas in Umbria as my Velvet Escape Travel Tip this month.

Rebecca as Guest rather than Hostess: Tweeting about Umbria

It was frenetic but fun to tweet about Italy on Dream of Italy’s #italychat on Twitter a few weeks ago.

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