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Rebecca as Guest rather than Hostess: Eurochocolate and Chocolate in Umbria in Italy Magazine

An article all about chocolate in Umbria. The research was harrowing, of course. I do it so you don’t have to.

Invasion of the fun-guys: Wild mushrooms in Umbria

When summer begins to bleed into fall and the days alternate between earth-soaking downpours and warm, sunny skies you know it’s just a matter of hours before they appear.

The Uber-Sagra: La Festa della Cipolla (Cannara)

If I only had one summer left to live and had to choose a single last sagra to attend, (Yes, I realize it’s an unlikely scenario. Humor me.) I would choose Cannara’s over-the-top-out-of-control-mother-of-all-sagras Festa della Cipolla at the beginning of September. Hands down.

Two First Dates: Ristorante Nanà and L’Officina

The score: Let’s just say that some need a second date to win you over, and some you know are the love of your life before you even get to dessert.

Rebecca as Guest rather than Hostess: Grape Harvest and Wineries in Umbria/Olive Harvest and Oil Mills in Umbria on’s GoItaly

Stop by Go Italy’s blog to see some of my suggestions for planning a visit to Umbria in the autumn when the grape and olive harvests are in full swing.

Hey, What’s Up With the Bread in Umbria?

Traditional Umbrian bread. A taste only an Umbrian could love.

The Best Tiramisù on the Planet (But I’m Not Bragging)

You will never make tiramisù better than mine. I’m not gloating, just stating a fact. You may as well make peace with it now.

This Vegetarian Loves Eating Hearts: Artichoke Hearts, That Is!

I heart my hearts, but it wasn’t always that way.

A Meal with a View: Osteria Rosso di Sera

The score: It’s so womantic. But while you’re gazing into each other’s eyes, try not to forget to enjoy your food.

Want a side of eggs with that ham?: Rebecca hams it up on the silver screen

Rebecca hams it up with Letizia from Alla Madonna del Piatto Country Inn and Cooking School.

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