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Shopping in Assisi and Perugia

Not sure where to drop coin on your next visit to Assisi and Perugia? Here are some of my favorite shops, boutiques, and artisan workshops to find something unique and memorable to remind you of Umbria!

The Most Beautiful Villages of Umbria: Arrone

I dare you not to be charmed by Arrone. And I know you. You are going to take the dare.

Postcards from Umbria: San Pietro in Valle

Postcards from Umbria: A quick take on the abbey of San Pietro in Valle

Umbria’s Dragons

Umbria harbored deadly fire-breathing reptiles centuries ago. Now there’s just my mother-in-law.

This Green Heart Has a Catchy Beat: Music Festivals in Umbria

Umbria hosts over 20 music festivals each year, an astonishing number given this region’s tiny size and population (Ikea hasn’t even deemed it worthy of a a store yet), but even more surprising is the world-class quality of the music scene.

Il Mercato delle Gaite: There’s nothing Ye Olde about it!

I have to fess up and admit that it took me years to finally work up the courage to check out what turned out to be one of my favorite festivals in Umbria.

The Most Beautiful Villages of Umbria: Bevagna

Bevagna is a bashful débutante, and you’re about to take her to the ball.

Postcards from Umbria: Spoleto’s Spectacular Sunset

Postcards from Umbria: A Quick Take on Sunset at Spoleto’s Duomo

The Most Beautiful Villages of Umbria: Trevi

Trevi, as hilltowns go, is Umbria’s comfort food. And it hits the spot.

Italy Roundtable: The Fall Museum Crawl

It’s all about autumn in this fifth installment of the monthly Italy Blogging Roundtable chat, with travel bloggers Jessica Spiegel, Melanie Renzulli, Alexandra Korey, Gloria from At Home in Tuscany, and me.

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