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Olio Nuovo: One for the Bucket List

One of the foundations of Italian food, at least from central Italy and continuing south, is olive oil.

Sustenance: A Satisfying Guide to Food Traditions in the Upper Tiber Valley

There is no greater joy than receiving a book in the mail. Unless, of course, it turns out to be such a gem of a read that you find yourself thinking two things: 1. I wish I had written this book; and 2. I can’t wait to share this book.

Umbria’s Surreal Ideal City: La Scarzuola

A visit to this mind-bending “theatrical complex, with its adjoining sacred and profane “cities” which form a vast architectural allegory for the physical and existential journey through life, is a trip down a rabbit hole…

Of Hermits and Saints: The Abbey of Sant’Eutizio

A visit to the Sant’Eutizio abbey in Umbria’s Nera RIver Valley and a reflection on faith and patience.

From Chicago to Città di Castello: Arriving at Burri’s Abstract Expressionism

You can’t go home again, but somehow home finds away to tag along with you as you go on with your life. I’m in Umbria now, but my hometown still influences my tastes in art (and all else…)

Once More with Feeling: Finding Magic in Narni the Second Time Around

The last time I went to Narni, I went specifically looking for magic. I didn’t find it in the town, but in the enchanting (enchanted?) countryside nearby. This time, I went to Narni simply looking for a fun time. And guess what: magic.

Activity Parks in Umbria

If your kids need a break from the art and culture of Umbria, take a day off and zipline through the Valnerina at one of these fun activity parks.

Of Darkness and Light: Narni Sotterranea

Is the Narni Underground worth a visit? Absolutely. But despite the charming story of its discovery, the pleasant surprise of the ancient chapel and its frescoes, and the admirable research that went into uncovering its secret uses, I was relieved to return to the light.

Perugina’s Chocolate School, or How To Get Your Kids To Do Anything, Anything At All

Say you want your children to bathe. Or do their homework. Or pick up their room. Or eat their broccoli. Well, I have the biggest carrot of them all to urge them along….

Bottega Michelangeli: Making Magic from Wood in Orvieto

The streets and shops of Orvieto are sprinkled with quirky and whimsical wooden sculptures. There’s a story there…

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