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Rebecca as Guest rather than Hostess: Eurochocolate and Chocolate in Umbria in Italy Magazine

An article all about chocolate in Umbria. The research was harrowing, of course. I do it so you don’t have to.

The Uber-Sagra: La Festa della Cipolla (Cannara)

If I only had one summer left to live and had to choose a single last sagra to attend, (Yes, I realize it’s an unlikely scenario. Humor me.) I would choose Cannara’s over-the-top-out-of-control-mother-of-all-sagras Festa della Cipolla at the beginning of September. Hands down.

Amazing Grace: La Madonna del Bagno

There are places on earth that somehow get to you, and sometimes it’s not easy to put your finger on exactly why. The tiny church of La Madonna del Bagno near Deruta is one of those places for me. I am charmed and moved every time I have the opportunity to visit, though at first glance you, too, may be scratching your head.

My New Heartthrobs: The Mysterious, Enigmatic–and Underestimated–Etruscans

Nothing makes you fall in love quicker than the air of mystery, and I’m head over heels for the intriguing Etruscans

The Fabric of Time: Traditional Umbrian Textiles

The demand for traditional Umbrian cloth has declined in step with the decline of the traditional “corredo”, which is both a shame and what makes Brozzetti Laboratorio di Tesseratura a Mano (or weaving workshop) in Perugia so unique and so worth a visit.

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