Brigolante holiday rentals in Assisi, Umbria

Self-catering apartments in Assisi's town center and nearby countryside.
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Rebecca as Guest rather than Hostess: Grape Harvest and Wineries in Umbria/Olive Harvest and Oil Mills in Umbria on’s GoItaly

Stop by Go Italy’s blog to see some of my suggestions for planning a visit to Umbria in the autumn when the grape and olive harvests are in full swing.

Wineries and olive oil mills are open to the public, and you can walk or bike the vineyard and olive tree covered hills to see first hand the care and labor that goes into making Umbria’s wonderful wines and olive oils.

A special thanks to Marsha Bakerjian for letting me contribute to her informative blog!


Rebecca as Guest rather than Hostess: Agriturismi in Italy on The Local Travel Movement

I feel very strongly about travelling in a way respectful of the local environment, history, culture and economy. These are the values of the Local Travel Movement, and I was very happy to contribute to their blog this week.

If you want to see how staying in an agriturismo in Italy can be a great way to experience this country in a mindful way, read here.


Want a side of eggs with that ham?: Rebecca hams it up on the silver screen

Last month my dear friend, colleague, and fidus Achates Letizia–proprietor of Alla Madonna del Piatto Country Inn and Cooking School–asked me to guest star in one of her cooking videos which she periodically posts on her blog.

Despite having about the same on-camera charisma as Al Gore, I had a grand time fooling around in Letizia’s fabulous kitchen and we spent the morning cracking each other up (and Letizia spent a month editing out all the cracking up to come up with a half-way professional five minutes)!

Enjoy.  Oh, and by the way, the old adage about the camera adding 10 pounds is totally not true.  It adds 25.

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