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Frequently Asked Questions about Agritourisms in Umbria

How did the farm holiday/agritourism begin?

About twenty years ago, the family farm in Italy was in deep crisis. Small farms could no longer compete financially and were disappearing and historic rural farmhouses, castles, and villas were being abandoned all over the countryside. A solution was needed to help farming families integrate their traditional production with something innovative enough to inject funds into floundering farms and provide incentive to restore and conserve the historical farmhouses often found on them. One of Italy’s main markets has always been tourism, and the idea of the agriturismo, or farm holiday, in which families could provide holiday rental accommodations, be it entire rental farmhouses, country vacation apartments, or bed and breakfast rooms, was launched with huge success.

What is a farm holiday?

In keeping with the primary goal of preserving the farming tradition and conserving rural historic farmhouses, there are some main features that all farm holidays must have. The proprietors must be farmers, the main income of the farm must come from agriculture, and there must be a certain proportional relationship between the size of the holiday rental accommodation or guest lodging and the amount of land owned. If all of these criteria are met, a property can officially be registered as a farm holiday.

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What kind of accommodation can I expect at a farm holiday?

Farm holiday lodgings and accommodations range from simple rustic campgrounds to four star luxury accommodations. The vast majority are restored historic country farmhouses or charming holiday villas which rent either bed and breakfast rooms and suites or vacation apartments, some of which also have small restaurants or special features such as wineries, cooking lessons, or equestrian facilities.


What should I look for in a farm holiday?

One of the most pleasurable aspects of spending your vacation on an agritourism is that each is unique and sure to enhance your understanding of Italy and its customs. There are three features you should especially look for in an agritourism:

1. Choose an agritourism which offers lodgings in a historic structure.

Not only are historic country houses more charming, you can also feel proud knowing that you have contributed to the preservation of the history of rural Italy by offering incentive toward restoring rather than abandoning these endangered farmhouses.

2. Choose an agritourism where the hosts reside.

One of the most rewarding aspects of staying at a farm holiday is getting to know your hosts, who welcome you as personal guests to their home, and through them authentic Italy and its people. You will surely be steered toward the most beautiful off-the-beaten-track towns, the best hidden trattorias, and the little known but memorable local festivals.

3. Choose an agritourism with a kitchen.

Or, at least, where you have a chance to sample the homemade fare. What is a stay in Italy without good food? And some of the best is made by farmwives across the Italian countryside.

Why should I vacation at a farm holiday in Assisi, Umbria?

Assisi, Umbria combines all of the most important features for an unforgettable Italian holiday: a quaint town famed for the art of Giotto, architecture of the Basilica of St. Francis and history of St. Francis’ life; a beautiful scenic natural setting rich with local festivals and cultural events; a convenient and central location to use as a base for day trips to all of Tuscany, Umbria, the Marches; and a tradition of excellent food and wine. Farm holiday or agritourism vacation accommodations and lodgings in Assisi, Umbria are widely varied, but all charming and unique. In the hilly green countryside surrounding Assisi, you can find rentals in historic country vacation farmhouses and villas, characteristic holiday apartments or suites, friendly bed and breakfasts, and quaint small inns and family hotels… all owned and operated by Umbrians proud to welcome you as guests to their home.

Frequently asked questions about Brigolante Agritourism Farm Holiday near Assisi

What is the nearest airport to Brigolante Agritourism Farm Holiday house in Umbria?

We are about two hours from Rome, Florence, and Ancona airport. There is also a regional airport near Perugia, which is about 20 minutes from Brigolante. This airport connects internationally through Milan Malpensa airport, and also has some direct flights to European cities with Ryanair. For additional airport information, please see our helpful Links page.

Do we need a car during our stay at your vacation rental near Assisi?

Yes, we strongly recommend our guests hire a car for the duration of their stay at Brigolante agritourism holiday rental. Though we are located in the Subasio Park, which is peppered with lovely hikes and walks, and are only 6 kilometers outside the town of Assisi, we are not well served by public transportation and many of the more picturesque hill towns of Umbria, Tuscany, and the Marches, such as Orvieto, Montefalco, Siena, and Urbino are difficult to reach by train or bus. For additional car rental information, please see our helpful Links page.

Can we walk or bike from the Brigolante holiday rental villa into Assisi?

We have mountain bikes for our guests to use, and it is a lovely ride into Assisi. You can also walk (it is about an hour, at a leisurely pace) and enjoy the fabulous views of the lush landscape of Umbria. For additional walking and biking information, please see our Activities page.

Does Brigolante Agritourism provide meals?

Our vacation rental apartments in Assisi are completely self catering. However, we love to pamper our guests with samples of our farm fresh products during their stay (check our amenities) and can recommend numerous restaurants in Umbria in the area, some only a kilometer away. For some great restaurant recommendations, take a look at our Activities page.

Do you welcome families with children at your Agritourism in Umbria?

Absolutely! Brigolante self catering holiday apartments are perfect for traveling families. We have two young children ourselves, and are a very child friendly and family friendly vacation rental in Umbria. We have a large outdoor space perfect for running off some vacation steam. We can provide you with a crib (cot), highchair, toys, plastic tableware, and many other supplies traveling families need for no extra charge. We are about ten minutes away from the Assisi hospital, which has an emergency room and small pediatric ward, and our pediatrician is a very nice, capable lady (who makes house calls!). We have lots of advice for kid friendly activities… just ask!

Do you accept pets at your holiday home?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept pets. Though we are animal lovers, Brigolante is a working holiday farm, and we must protect our livestock from contact with domestic animals.


Are your vacation apartments in Umbria non-smoking?

Guests at Brigolante are welcome to smoke outdoors on our lovely covered patio while enjoying the view over Mount Subasio.

What is the booking, payment, and cancellation policy?

For complete information on how to book a holiday rental apartment at Brigolante Agritourism in Umbria, what payment methods we accept, and our cancellation policy, please contact us or see our General Conditions.

What kind of weather can we expect during our farm holiday stay in Assisi, Umbria?

Umbria has four distinct seasons, though the climate is not one of extremes. Here at Brigolante holiday let, the temperature drops in the evenings so it is comfortable for sleeping. The summers are warm and dry, the winters cool and wet. Our favorite months are May and June, and September and October, when the temperature is neither at the warmest or coolest and the precipitation is limited. For a quick link to local weather, see our Links page.

What is there to do in the area surrounding Brigolante Agritourism?

Our farmhouse rental apartments located near Assisi, Umbria are perfectly located for visiting both the best known and almost undiscovered tourist sites of Umbria, Tuscany, and the Marches. Fabulous restaurants in Umbria, great shopping in Assisi, and numerous sport facilities near Assisi are just a short drive away. We can also help you arrange private tours, cooking lessons, excursions on horseback, massage and yoga, and many other activities to help you create the Italian holiday of your dreams. See our Activities page for more suggestions, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter where we keep updates of ongoing events.

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