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At Brigolante Agritourism, we treat our holiday rental clients as if they were guests in our own home… because they are! We have a home here at Brigolante, which means that we are available to offer our guests help and advice at their convenience. We live here in these beautiful Umbrian hills because we are passionate about this area, its history and culture, and we want to share our passion with you.

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How We Got Started in the Vacation Rental Business

Rebecca Winke, originally from Chicago, moved to Assisi in 1993, and shortly thereafter the began a lengthy renovation project on the Brigolante farmhouse, which has been in Stefano Bagnoli’s family for at least eight generations. After a new home was constructed by the family in the 1970’s, the historic farmhouse, once attached to the neighboring houses as part of a medieval hilltop castle and, it is suspected, monastery, had fallen into ruin.

Because it had become dangerously unstable, the Bagnolis began doing small “fix-it-up” weekend projects on the building and surrounding property. As work went on, the project mushroomed over several years and, simultaneously, there was a boom in popularity of farm holidays in Tuscany and Umbria, so the Bagnolis decided to carve out vacation apartments from the farmhouse and see if the resulting vacation rental business could inject new life into the family farm, run by Stefano’s parents, Ugo and Emma.

The result has been more successful than they could have suspected, as the managing the apartment rentals has gone from a hobby to a career for Rebecca and she and Stefano both fear they may never get Stefano’s parents to retire now that they have guests poking around the barns and garden to appreciate their hard work.

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The main farmhouses on Brigolante can be traced back at least to 1100, the date on a piece of manuscript recently found in the local archives documenting the transfer of this property to Brigulo and his wife Berta.

The family farm is historic as well, and was part of an immense landholding until the last century, when the property was divided among Stefano’s great-great-grandfather’s 9 siblings; the surrounding properties are almost all still owned by the Bagnoli’s relatives.

Rebecca’s Ruminations

Aside from hosting guests here at Brigolante and raising her two young sons, Rebecca also enjoys writing about Umbria on her blog and about destinations further afield elsewhere

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