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Of Hermits and Saints: The Abbey of Sant’Eutizio

A visit to the Sant’Eutizio abbey in Umbria’s Nera RIver Valley and a reflection on faith and patience.

Activity Parks in Umbria

If your kids need a break from the art and culture of Umbria, take a day off and zipline through the Valnerina at one of these fun activity parks.

Man and Nature: the Ex-Railway Spoleto-Norcia Hike

One of the most spectacular and poignant hikes in Umbria is along the now-defunct Spoleto-Norcia railway line.

A Day at the Office: Cheesemakers of Cascia

Long before the hipsters in Brooklyn, farming families in Umbria’s gorgeous Valnerina were making cheese. A young brother & sister duo have brought this long tradition back, with incredible success.

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