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Rebecca as Guest rather than Hostess: Eurochocolate and Chocolate in Umbria in Italy Magazine

An article all about chocolate in Umbria. The research was harrowing, of course. I do it so you don’t have to.

Invasion of the fun-guys: Wild mushrooms in Umbria

When summer begins to bleed into fall and the days alternate between earth-soaking downpours and warm, sunny skies you know it’s just a matter of hours before they appear.

Rebecca as Guest rather than Hostess: A Hammam in Rome in Dream of Italy’s Newsletter

It may not seem like it, but sometimes even I leave beautiful Umbria. This week in the wonderful Dream of Italy Newsletter I talk about my favorite spot in Rome.

The Uber-Sagra: La Festa della Cipolla (Cannara)

If I only had one summer left to live and had to choose a single last sagra to attend, (Yes, I realize it’s an unlikely scenario. Humor me.) I would choose Cannara’s over-the-top-out-of-control-mother-of-all-sagras Festa della Cipolla at the beginning of September. Hands down.

The Skin I’m In: The Expat Dilemma

Sometimes, during the chameleon existence that is expat life, you lose sight of your true colors.

Walking and Hiking in Umbria: The Marchetto Canyon

An easy walking tour which reveals an area of great geological and scenic interest: The Marchetto Canyon.

Two First Dates: Ristorante Nanà and L’Officina

The score: Let’s just say that some need a second date to win you over, and some you know are the love of your life before you even get to dessert.

Rebecca as Guest rather than Hostess: Grape Harvest and Wineries in Umbria/Olive Harvest and Oil Mills in Umbria on’s GoItaly

Stop by Go Italy’s blog to see some of my suggestions for planning a visit to Umbria in the autumn when the grape and olive harvests are in full swing.

Perfect Picnic Places: Il Lago di Aiso (Bevagna)

Sometimes you get the the point when traveling that you are restauranted out, peopled out, noised out. You just want a relaxed, simple meal. You just want to unwind in solitude. You just want quiet. Here are some suggestions for where to pick up your perfect picnic fare and the perfect place to consume it. With whom is up to you….

Rebecca as Guest rather than Hostess: Assisi on Bleeding Espresso

What an honor to be invited by Michelle Fabio of the wonderful Bleeding Espresso blog to participate in August’s Gita Italiana trip around Italy.

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